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A Virtual Event Hyperfocused On Parcel Shipping

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Thank you for joining us for The 4th Annual ProS Who Know Virtual Event! This year's parcel shipping-focused event brought together supply chain professionals, industry leaders, and top shipping experts for an insightful exploration of the latest trends and pivotal topics shaping the future of successful parcel and LTL shipping strategies.


Attendee who listened in on the 5 sessions gained valuable insights into critical topics such as GRIs, shipping costs management, parcel tech and a look at what 2024 will bring parcel logistics professionals!


Missed our event? No problem! All 5 sessions are now available to watch on-demand. 




Tuesday, October 24th | 10am CDT

[Expert Panel] What is Going On? What It Really Takes to Thrive in Parcel Pandemonium

Reflecting on the last couple years, the supply chain and transportation landscape has navigated many peaks and valleys. In this ever-evolving terrain, ProShip has put together a panel of logistics industry experts to help conquer today’s parcel challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.


  • What GRIs and ever-changing surcharges could mean for you this year
  • How to successfully navigate the upcoming peak season, what to track, and how to evaluate
  • How data-driven decision-making can help future-proof your shipping operation


  • Justin Cramer, Co-Founder | ProShip, Inc.
  • Matt Chapa, Sr. Transportation Manager| FabFitFun | LowBudgetLogistics
  • Mark Taylor, Sr. Director of Transportation Consulting | Korber Supply Chain
  • Megan Rudolph, Sr. Director of Strategic Parcel Operations | Saddle Creek Logistics
Wednesday, October 25th | 10am CDT

[Insider Master Class] The Diverse Carrier Landscape and How to Navigate it Like a Pro

Are you ready to discover the secrets to a carrier mix that helps top brands win? Join our exclusive webinar designed for supply chain professionals navigating the diverse carrier market who may be experiencing choice overload.

You will:

  • Hear from carrier leaders on the forefront of new technology decipher what's really happening in the transportation space
  • Gain insider info on how to effectively rate the risks (and rewards!) from different carrier types
  • Learn carrier features that can help expand your customer base both domestically & internationally


Tuesday, October 24th | 12pm CDT

[Waytek Wire, Cubiscan & Varsity Logistics] How to Tackle Unexpected Shipping Costs Due to Box Size Variance

Tired of receiving higher parcel shipping chargebacks than you anticipated? These incurred unexpected costs could likely be a result of discrepancies between the box size manifested by the shipper and the actual size determined by parcel carriers.


  • The range of unexpected costs that shippers incur and what type of shippers may be most prone
  • Testimony from a customer who dealt with this challenge and how they solved the issue
  • Various solutions including automated dimension capturing technology and multi-carrier parcel shipping software designed for IBM i for IBM Power servers.


  • Tim Mark, Warehouse Operations Manager | Waytek Wire
  • Travis Peltier, Manager Global Business Development | Cubiscan
  • Charlie Hawkins, Director of Sales | Varsity Logistics
  • Tom Reber, Director of Business Development |Varsity Logistics
Wednesday, October 25th | 12pm CDT

[ and ProShip] The Future of Third-Party Logistics: Next-Level Growth Strategies

Ready to witness success in motion? Don't miss this live case-based webinar that showcases the cutting-edge unified commerce strategies a top 3PL utilizes to gain a competitive advantage and how today's enterprise shippers can use these value-adds to their benefit.


  • For Shippers: A list of unique features to look for when choosing a 3PL partner
  • For 3PLS: A list of technologies that help you outshine the competition and easily onboard customers
  • The do's and don't for partnering with a 3PL
  • How 3PLs can redefine what cost-effective growth looks like


Tuesday, October 24th | 2pm CDT

[SMB & Mid-Sized Businesses] How You Can Stay in the Running with the Top Dogs by Utilizing Shipping Software Built to Scale

In the dynamic world of logistics and parcel shipping, small and mid-sized businesses often find themselves competing with industry giants. To not only survive but thrive in this competitive landscape, they must leverage the right tools and strategies.


  • An overview of the current parcel shipping landscape and challenges faced by SMB & mid-sized businesses
  • The must-have shipping features and distribution capabilities to optimize operations and level the playing field
  • What to include in your shipping software evaluation and how to get up-and-running on a quick timeline 


  • Eric Levine, Sales Executive, WorldLink | ProShip, Inc.
  • Clint Boaz, Senior Sales Engineer | ProShip, Inc.

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ProShip's ProS Who Know virtual parcel event was started in 2020 as a way to bring shipping experts together to discuss the latest news affecting logistics professionals during the global pandemic.

Because of its popularity, PWK has become an annual event showcasing experts from across the continent on a wide variety of topics, including omnichannel fulfillment, regional carrier strategies, DTC strategies, Hazmat shipping, transportation business intelligence, strategies for managing parcel volatility and more.

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